COVID-19 Causing Strain on San Francisco's 911 System: Officials

The continuing surge of COVID-19 infections across the Bay Area is putting a strain on public safety and hospital resources. Sergio Quintana reports.

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  1. Maybe if the media weren't promoting COVID hysteria every five minutes people wouldn't overreact. Better yet–give everyone free Universal Healthcare so we can all stop living in fear about getting sick and having to pay for a hospital stay. #MedicareForAllNow

  2. When things like this happen, it just shows the level of ignorance and stupidity in our society. All of this unnecessary panic. Most of this could have been prevented if the CDC and Biden had mandated masks on a national level. However, they won't do it with Omicron because they claim it's milder than Delta. That tells me slowing or stopping the spread of Omicron is not a goal of theirs. With this level of infections, that virus is going to mutate into a Delta/Omicron combo. When that happens and the death toll skyrockets like it did in India, we will see if people truly follow the science or stick with politics.

  3. This is pure stupidity. The media has done such a great job at sensationalizing COVID-19. Treat it as a regular cold/flu. Yes, some people will die, but not NEARLY as many deaths as Influenza. Get your vaccines, socially distance, wash your hands and practice a little common sense when attending events. 🤦‍♂️

  4. 911 needs to start hanging up on people like they do in Russia, in Russia they will ask you how old you are and if you say you’re over 50 they will hang up on you, So there’s a thing where elderly people will have their younger neighbors lie and called 911 for them otherwise they don’t get any response, 90% of the calls to 911 are people trying to get drugs or lonely people who just wants him to talk to a friend of mine was a fire fighter he said 90% of callouts or homeless people looking for medications to get high and every once in a while they had a car fire or somebody too fat to get out of their house

  5. Covid deaths by age based on population
    Under 5-0.0007%
    Ages 5-9-0.0003%
    Ages 10-19-0.0009%
    Ages 20-29-0.0063%
    Ages 30-30-0.0289%
    Ages 40-49-0.0837%
    Ages 50-59-0.2446%
    Ages 60-69.6684%
    Ages 70-79-1.8083%
    80+ 7.8569%

  6. People lack insightful psychological maturity: 911 has been increasingly being misused, with COVID-19 everyone needs to step back and not panic, continue to social distance, stay away from indoors as much as possible and stay away from hospitals because many people contract COVID-19 after going to hospitals.

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