COVID-19 Cases Surging in San Francisco: Officials

San Francisco offered a sobering update about the COVID-19 pandemic Friday by saying very plainly “we are surging again.” Christie Smith reports.

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  1. No…it is all a lie. Prove me wrong. This is government induced medical command-and-control tyranny. Here in CA, we have 6 weeks until a new governor takes charge, Mr. Larry Elder.

  2. All current vaccines does not prevent infection.Vaccines is getting useless with the emerge of delta variant n with future variants. Herd immunity does not apply to delta variant, as the rise of infection in breakthrough cases. Side effects from second dose is already severe for some, what would a booster shots do to them? Until the world come out with a vaccine that actually works, may God help us all.

  3. Vaccines help you to not die. Even people vaccinated against Measles can still catch Measles but it won’t be as bad. Without a vaccine ,your chances are getting very sick or dying form Covid is very high.

  4. The vaccines dont work. Gibraltar had 100% vaccine rate among adults by April, and they are having a covid spike right now. All the vaccine does is lead to more virulent strains evolving as it doesn't prevent infection or transmission, allowing much more virulent strains to spread.
    Mareks disease is here, look at an infected chicken and behold the future of man.

  5. Surge,= false positive test results from people who are not ill…"cases"
    Why are these things considered a crisis? What else will be considered a crisis going forward?… Politicians running health care, socialist dream ,realist nightmare.

  6. Not dead Yet? Need a booster! ASAP.. more LOCK DOWNs 💀👀💉😷BACK TO NORMAL open schools?superspreaders, 😷👀 nano NECTROTIC. Concoction s. GRAND EXPERIMENT. 👺👍

  7. Vaccinations just their to help you stay out of hospital, and prevent death.

    Vaccinations are never 100% protection.And don't forget their is also Delta Plus,next up in line :/

  8. Same as last year , …
    Tests don’t equal hospital cases or deaths ……
    This is a “ sky is falling, from chicken little “……..
    nobody is believing the media ,…. Get your story straight

  9. RUSSIAN ROYALTY: Escondido Police Department under investigation by I.C.C. for connecting its Law Enforcement Agency to World Health Organization committing War Crimes including spreading Allergy variants of Delta and COVID-19. I can see it now, "Where did you get Schizophrenia from Heaven and Thus you are a Christian."

  10. 80% of people in San Francisco are fully vaccinated. Now that does not mean that the fully vaccinated are going to the hospital from covid-19, and that's the whole point. Who cares if fully vaccinated are getting it, as along as they stay out of the hospital.

  11. The data says this, the data says this. My new manager is date driven, that’s all I hear, the data doesn’t lie. The interpretation of the data is another thing. F the data. What’s in front of your eyes speaks more truth than anything else. I work in food manufacturing with almost 250 people. Four got ten the virus and said it was like a mild cold

  12. Spike Protein in the vax is causing shedding and mutation. How can they even identify the Delta variant if the CDC just admitted that the PCR test cannot even tell the difference between covid and the flu? They are corralling you with fear into eternal slavery.

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