Coronavirus 'Breakthrough' Cases Among Vaccinated Spike Among S.F. Hospital Staff

San Francisco could be the next Bay Area city to issue an indoor mask mandate amid a COVID case surge that has included over 200 vaccinated health care professionals at hospitals. Andria Borba reports. (7-30-21)


  1. I’m SO TIRED of the lies and manipulation!! Go read about Outbreak @ Duke University!!! 98% Double V’d – this SHOT GRIFT needs to end now….get it if you want, but stop BLAMING all this on the unVd, that’s a lie.

  2. Thank god they were vaxxed their odds will be so much better than that 99.7% survivable group that was not vaxxed. but now lets see how they well they fair with that toxic poison in their systems

  3. When he says fully vaccinated people shows no etc.bla,bla,bla.Different day different doc again!Hey doc,how much Bill Gates pays you?Fake news,trying so hard to push everyone to get vaccinated such a douche

  4. No one vaccinated will ever get infected. Umm sorry, no one vaccinated will ever get seriously ill. Umm sorry again, no one vaccinated will ever die of Covid. Umm, now we dont really know but we are hoping most vaccinated people will not die of Covid. But a small percentage will die of vaccine complications. But hey, vaccines are VERY effective!

  5. The vaccine was made with a deactivated rabies virus in it look it up, if people are given a deactivated virus in small doses whats to say a so called booster couldn't be used to reactivate it later on. Look up rabies symptoms in humans and compare it to vaccine side affects. Flu like symptoms paralysis rash at site of infection itchiness tingling. A deactivated virus can be reactivated.

  6. Most medics lie that reassure people that they control the situation but for some reason the patients they treat DIE. After medics adjust the cause of death very quickly & their diagnosis is impeccable

  7. Cases spike among vaccinated hmmmm you let them not wear masks anymore you open borders and then they are filled with covid release covid criminals Cuomo kills elderly people but the unvaccinated is the problem I think not maybe when they took the jab they got the virus or obviously it doesn't work

  8. New data🙄
    I want to see all the documents. Oh, it's a private medical issue, we can't give out that info. It's the beauty of the scam. They can make up anything and the brainwashed will believe.

  9. News: The vaccinated are catching and spreading covid = breakthrough cases!
    News: The unvaccinated are catching and spreading covid = pandemic, super spreaders, anti-vaxxers, selfish, stupid, horrible, hate others, refuse to protect kids, etc, etc…
    News: SILENT on the 100-200 MILLION who survived covid and have Natural Immunity… except to say "get the vaccine!"

  10. The Delta Variant will soon pass the Vaccines just wait the Vaccines are effective for now you guys are safe temporarily but when it becomes stronger what options those humanity have left

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