1. It's funny how youtube stopped showing the amount of people who dislike videos now. Most of the time the dislikes are far greater than the likes.

  2. Replay and bars and restaurants from a certain part of the north side chicago were the first to jump in the proof of vaccination train. They forgot or simply didn’t care about how they were ostracized during the 80s and 90s when another virus was being feared.

  3. business owners need to form their own union since the Chamber of Commerce is a joke of an entity and use that to battle pack these public monsters and their unions.. take back with stairs take back your business I won’t step foot in it until you do…

  4. I won't dine at a restaurant that requires me to have a vax,,mostly because they will not let me. But I will not dine at them after this BS is over either. 🖕🖕🖕

  5. As a teacher I hate to see history repeat itself chicag restaurants going alone with the government mandate is like the bussineses who went along with the Nazi government. Both times because 1. Bussineses believed they were doing somethi g good or 2. Bussineses afraid that government would crush them if they dared disageed.

  6. What's that! Photo IDs required at restaurants! THAT'S RRRRAAAAAAAZZZIIIIIISSSSSSTTTTT! Don't they know that according to the DNC, it is impossible for us minorities to get those things.

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