1. Mayor Lightfoot….you may not control the “Jail”, however YOU ARE the mayor, and YOU NEED to get your city under control. Chicago is like the wild, Wild West….no one is afraid of consequences there. It’s so sad…literally a great city destroyed.

  2. Dre and his brother Von did a lot of dirt in their lives. I’m actually surprised he made it this long living in Chicago.
    Here they cooked his ass well done right infront of cook county, 64 hits. Must’ve stood over him and emptied. Such a dirty ruthless hit. Crazy

  3. It took 60 shot because they didn’t know how to shoot. Idiots 🧃🍿👽 Maybe they should introduce the firing squad to Chicago and give those thugs the same rounds they put into their victims. Stop blaming the mayor, that place has always been a hot mess.

  4. Yes mayor you are in control of 26th street and the jail. You are the mayor. Therefore you are in control of the entire city. But yet you take no steps to try and solve the horrible gang violence and murder problem in your city. It's very obvious that you only care about yourself. You can take steps to shut down the gangs by working with local law enforcement and federal law enforcement. But you continue to support de-funding the police. What a selfish thing to say to your community. It just shows you do not care about black lives, you only care about pushing political agenda. You should step down and let someone who actually cares about their community take your place. You are the absolute worst Mayor in American history.

  5. She shouldn't even be in control of what's in between her legs at this point!..but if there are no real men left in the world living in the city of Chicago to stand up and get this tirant of a skeleton out of office..rip chi-town….

  6. Lack of fear of God lack of fathers lack of marriage lack of family structure lack of mentors lack of love creates monsters who do not valeu life because their life was not valeued blaming others will never bring change its only getting worse
    Gangster hip hop culture is a part of the cause of this great suffering

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