1. Why it seem like you stealing content! You don't know nothing about Chicago yet here you are. Interesting IM UNSUBSCRIBING

  2. It’s not “senseless” bruh when you purposely live a life that attracts death that’s what it is! They know before they go that any time it can go down. Makes plenty of sense.

  3. Never heard of him and this rapper thing is starting be embarrassing at this point. Every black man in chicago is a rapper sad

  4. Dam I jus said he b tlkn stupid bout duck n da lastest video…dam dats a major lost…u can't b doin dat n i bet a bitch peeped him n called mf…RIP DUCK Ki JOJO DOOSKI BRICK

  5. This fake ass shit . He is gone but your goof ass don’t know shit fr . Stop trynna post Shi about the raq if you don’t live out hea

  6. Dang rip eadi man i didnt really know him like that but i heard of him before i know everybody else tho but rip gang

  7. Aint one of the 051 ym members just got out 5 days after 7 years ( 051 priboy or some like that supposedly one of La capones killer

  8. Lmfaoo commented on this goofs page and asked him.if he still kicking it a week ago and dude said "duh I aint going no where" lol karma a bitch for all that lying on tay

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