Chicago police officers forced to work on days off amid staffing shortages

Chicago alderman Raymond Lopez joined ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss how the officer shortage is affecting public safety. #FoxNews

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  1. Right now I live in Chicago and have always lived in Chicago. I just moved out into the suburbs only 40 minutes away. But I used to live in a quote on quote safe area. Now it’s one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the City. I mean it’s a beautiful city and have so much character. Its just how the stupid mayor treats the crime. These gangs need to stop doing this crap

  2. Take away Lightfoot's security detail to fill in the shortages in patrolman. Maybe that will inspire the hiring of more boots on the ground. On top of that, the mayor (if she's as popular as she thinks she is) shouldn't need a security team if she can't protect the citizens she works for!

  3. Then these overworked cops will quit the law enforcement even sooner. Chicago is done. Good job political correctness. By FBI statistics, most criminals are people of color and they are backed with such privileges that even cops can't do anything against them. Chicago is just a starting point where criminals will walk freely on streets and good people have to hide. This will spread across America.

    America may as well ask China for help. Get some good Chinese cops to train American cops how to do things right. Can't believe that important cities of China are now safer than Chicago and many American cities 😂

  4. 3 shot in bowling alley just blowing off steam? That idiot was still on CPD after pulling a gun previously. Supt Brown needs to take them 284 guns and his hot headed new hires back to TX with him.

  5. President reaction thread bomb University Utah. Leader communist broadcast television 30 year thread bomb, thread gun shoot fight university, school, city hall california they are leader Doughlas Nguyen Hong Dung, Le Phuoc Sang, Phan Nghia, Tran dan, tran Thuc, Phan Huu, please police take they are communist danger jail.

  6. I suspect that it's not only the worker shortage that is causing Biden's turn-around. It's also the coming security and energy crises, and Biden needs troops and police, but a significant portion of TROOPS are anti-vaxxers in this era of population decline the pool of men is smaller.
    The best way to protest is to leave – the Great Resignation. Surprise! All the young students scammed by Democrat student loans and forcefully injected will not fight for this government as its police, troops and healthcare workers.

  7. So when one of the police accidentally snaps… And does the unthinkable… The left nor the mayor will have sympathy and more funded riots shall exist but but beatlejuice won't get the blame

  8. First and foremost, you have to make arrest that the prosecutor will prosecute. Not the malfeasance of office as Foxx is doing. Next you need to hire 200 more want to be police officers. Not enforcing the state and local laws. You need to make sure they [officer] understand the rules. Third, you need make sure someone is looking at all of that body & dashcam footage. Maybe outside company and flate rate and a bonus for every violation of procedure the cops make. The next thing, change the arbiter most are an outside company that is hired. Usually they give a break to the person is hiring them.

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