Chicago officials say 'no plans' for COVID-related closures

Chicago’s public health director Dr. Allison Arwady and Mayor Lori Lightfoot are once again urging residents to “mask up and vax up”.

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  1. Chicago resident here and I still wear 2 masks in public because I'm such a good person and care about others. When I take my poodle out for his walks, it's a shame we see so many mask less joggers.

  2. The J&J vaccine now has a warning on it stating that it may cause a neurological disorder. Lucky for the millions of people who have already taken it. Yet another example of the fact that these vaccines have NOT been properly vetted.

  3. The CDC own web sight is saying 75% of cases are now the Vaccinated. People Vaccinated in weeks are shedding spike proteins, and new mutant strains of the Covid virus. These "Progressive" Democrats and Half baked Marxists lie about everything. They want everyone dead. It's all part of their save the earth ideology.

  4. They got to go to all white neighborhoods first and whatever the plans for giving it to the black neighborhoods give to them the same vaccine and wait 90 days and if nothing goes wrong with them then maybe I will take it

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