Chicago officials discuss COVID-19 response efforts

Mayor Lightfoot joins CDPH Commissioner Dr. Arwady to provide an update on Chicago’s COVID-19 response.


  1. If this group is putting all this trust and concern in following what the the CDC says about Covid, why aren’t they also following what the CDC has to say about adult overweight and obesity?

  2. But yet not a word about the murders in Chicago. More people dying from shootings then COVID 19. O Well what can you do?

  3. My lower transmission broke. I got a new substantial transmission and then my old truck surged again. Who are these people? I'm one podunk guy from a podunk town in podunk Missouri and I personally know 7 vaccinated people who supposedly have covid. I knew 2 healthy people who died within a day after getting the vaccine. I know 6 who got the vaccine who didn't have any issues. Take my data and multiply it by 50 million and what do you have? That's all the data that I need to hear. They can take their data and shove it up their ass. If I never hear the words data and systemic racism again it'll be too soon.

  4. She is still flapping and her village idiots still blindly following …. She has no clue. Beetle Juice is worse than any virus.

  5. You should be giving a update on how you are going to prevent all the people getting shot in Chicago in your city

  6. what? Aint nobody worried about Covid. They worried about getting shot because that beetlejuise mayor failed.

  7. I just muted the volume.cant stand a liar who is supposed to be for us. Democratic city's are 3rd world city's.a total disgrace to real Americans who love this country but these donkeys keep voting democrats so go animals.kill each other.leave the children out of it.they are the real victims of democrats politics

  8. Lots to say about pushing your fear agenda yet we get crickets when the murder rate is brought up..

  9. Now they are coining the term "breakthrough infection". Sounds like another way to scare the under informed.

  10. I don't trust anything out of this racist's mouth. She cares nothing of those she was elected to represent and did NOTHING as Chicago was destroyed.

  11. Dont worry if you live in Chicago odds are greater that you will be shot before you Covid. Forget the Mask be sure to wear your Kevlar Vest.

  12. At the rate that people are being killed she wont have to worry about the CHINA VIRUS. That's right I called it what it is. And uncle Joe is doing nothing about where it came from. Just give him some jello and put him in bed. GOD HELP OUR COUNTRY

  13. I stop listening or trusting goverment officials after ruby ridge. In almost 30 years since i see nothing to convince me that anything has changed. Bussiness as usual it justs gets more sinister every year.

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