Chicago mass shootings | Teen killed, 9 others shot at 2 scenes in North Lawndale | ABC7 Chicago

A teenager was killed and 9 other people were wounded in two separate shootings that took place just five minutes apart in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood Wednesday evening. Full story:


  1. Battle is against Satan and its army. He kills steals and destroys. We need to go out and anoint streets, schools, parks, stores to break yokes, strategy and plans of devil. Play shofar everywhere. I use YouTube for shofar. Look up, yes look to GOD Jesus. We should be out there casting demons out, healing sick, comforting broken. We shouldn't be in building and supporting religion of so called —— church. I and your body is church. Follow Jesus. He has army of Angels to fight for us. Praying for you all , for Chicago and American.
    Author Elizabeth Das
    I did it "His Way"

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