1. Chicago has had extreme gun violence for so long that I’m sure it’s now become a big part of the city culture of living and growing up there. The kids there are brought up with all this around them. How could they not be constantly influenced by it? Idolising gang members and being completely desensitised to the act of murder. Now that’s a scary thought. The police department are either extremely overwhelmed with cases or are incompetent. Either way, guns shouldn’t be that easy to get a hold of. Sales and ownership of guns should be strictly monitored. People need to be held accountable.

  2. Oh no so many people dying what can we do? I'm idk maybe hire more cops you idiots. 12,000 cops in a city? In a damn city? You have 2.7 million people in Chicago and all you guys have has a solution is to blame covid as the reason? Do you you not know that Chicago has been having this porblems for 2 decades? Get rid of your useless mayor. God so damn dumb.

  3. I’m Black and nothing pisses me off more is some Progressive Lib academic PHD that tries to excuse Black urban violent behavior. You know the type that lives in suburbs and appears on one of those PBS documentaries. They study us like we are an experiment.

  4. It’s illegal to shoot people why would it being illegal to have a gun stop anything you people are so lost in the brain it’s scary most shooters be felons they not supposed to have guns anyway

  5. I'm reading and waiting for anyone of my black readers and commenters that was out there screaming BLM an those that was out there burning, looting, etc where are you now. A 7 year old girl has died over this weekend in a drive by while she was sitting in a car. A 6 year old girl also was hit in the chest and arm now in stable condition. Where are y'all in the streets fighting for them. I guarantee you if it was a cop that shot and hit them ohhh y'all be in them streets sneakers by the door ready. However when you know someone that looks like us do the killing y'all are f in quiet. This is why we as black are laughing jokes of other races. Say these little girls name hell say the names of all the innocent that's been killed by our own I bet you run out of breath. Bunch of oxymorons

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