Chicago Bulls Free Agency News Live

Pat The Designer & The Team are Live For The Chicago Bulls Free Agency Period and they React To The News Live

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  1. The front office is doing something different than any other front office did and the bulls are it's good pet keep up the good work truck Bear down

  2. What's up Pat that was a really good free agent yesterday Lonzo ball is a bull I like it we didn't get Rose but I like it I think markman we should sign and trade with I think the Kings I get a fox form that would be a good trade I think bear down and let's trade Nick foles to new are Indiana and bear down keep up the good work Pat

  3. I kinda wish Chicago never gave up that second round draft pick & kinda wanted Chicago to also sign T. Ariza .

  4. Mann for everybody who saying we paying to much for Lonzo..
    Remember he's only 23.
    They're are rookies still older them him.

  5. I don't give give a damn about a second round pick y'all have been screaming about the Bulls need a point guard they need to get Lonzo they need some defensive players and that is what they're doing stop complaining and be happy that they are making moves to make this team not only better but a team that can compete in the playoffs

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