Chicago Approves New Civilian Oversight Board For Police Department

Chicago is introducing a new ordinance to increase oversight over the city’s police department. Supporters of the new policy say the goal is to give a voice to those who have historically been marginalized by the police, but the head of the police union says it will make policing more difficult.
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  2. Civilian oversight for Lightfoot. I usually go to Chicago once a year. I wouldn't even consider it. Let criminals run wild, defund the police. Your streets, hotels, bars will be empty. Then what will you do? Money sure does talk but there's not going to be any. Way to go.

  3. Sounds like another crap-shoot for democrats and another failed step for the people whom have to live with it. These democratic selected 7, will be influenced, and corrupted, by who gave them this unlawful power.

  4. 'The media are less a window on reality, than a stage on which officials and journalists perform self-scripted, self-serving fictions.'

  5. How bout just going your freakin job so the…………
    Never mind it’s a lost cause there bf dude still have the same overhead
    God Bless this City

  6. You have more rights in Chicago as a criminal then a law abiding citizen. Since I'm brown. I am going to use my newly acquired privilege…

  7. They should be on the board that hire the police officers. Making it more harder to police, well when so many people die from that policing perhaps that is a good thing.

  8. The Chicago Police are more like the Keystone cops. Shooting people and gunning them down, it's almost like it's legal in Chicago.They're motto should be, no one is in custody, instead of Serve and Protect

  9. ALL Law Enforcement requires civilian oversight. These people (I was one) are our employees. We tell Them how to do their job. We certainly have the right to know EVERYTHING. No more of this "employee privacy" BS. They work for us, we decide what is okay and what gets punished. No more getting fired for cause and hopping over to a different jurisdiction.
    Fired is Fired. Find different employment.

  10. I don't know anything about Chicago, but every community should be policed by cops who know and understand that community for what it is, preferably people from those communities, civilian oversight sounds like a positive thing.

  11. If this allows police departments to do their primary job of protecting and serving them all for it. Pretty darn clear that the current mechanism of policing does not honor the edict to protect and serve. All those white supremacist who want to hurt people while wearing the badge might not want to operate in a city that actually has good oversight and doesn't protect criminal officers

  12. The insane running the asylum now ! Ridiculous plan for 20-24 yr olds that have no life experience nor legitimate background to say they can improve policing. The city doesn’t need to fix police despite that notion from tiny anecdotal incidents is ridiculous false narrative. The only one this hurts the most is good citizens.

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