CDC reveals "pivotal discovery" about the Delta variant as cases surge

The CDC says the “war has changed” in the coronavirus pandemic, as the Delta variant fuels a surge in cases. As CBS News’ Michael George reports, experts say vaccinated people can spread the virus just as easily as the unvaccinated. Then, Max Bayer joins CBSN’s Lana Zak with the latest on the variant and U.S. efforts to get ahead of it.

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  1. UGH with all the mandates to vaccinate and propaganda, I was expecting them to say the "pivotal discovery" was that the delta variant can go through masks and the only way to be safe is to get the vaccine.

  2. The only statistic that matters to me: nearly all the people dying of Covid now either have some major health issue(s) or are unvaccinated.

    What else do you really need to know?

  3. Are people realizing the plot unfolding here yet? The central governments are planning to have this go on indefinitely for severe indoctrination and sufferage. You will never hear the end of this virus. Its all part of the indoctrination process.

  4. Even the expert virologists are not truly being realistic about what this virus may be capable of doing at some stage down the line. The only effective method we have really seen is the one no one wants to acknowledge. In 2020 we saw just a partial lockdown across the globe and it held back the spread of this virus significantly. There were considerable secondary benefits to that as well. People worldwide started exercising more and just generally enjoying the outdoors more than they had in decades. It has also made very clear how some people will act when a crisis of even greater urgency arises. Too bad for all of us.

  5. Sorry CDC, but you should be ashamed of all lies you are passing along! Nor Rochelle Walensky or White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre know what they talking about..
    One report asked a simple question: How can one test for Delta Variant? Karine Jean-Pierre answer was: I don't understand the question! The report went ahead and repeated the question.. and Karine said: well, we don't test it. we don't test it.. We just listen to the scientists and they tell us there's a variant. Another episode was: They just test to see if a person is negative or positive for Covid and they are not requiring or counting the numbers for positive either to know if there is a variant or a pandemic out there. There's no test to confirm of any variants! Wake up people!

  6. If our government and the CDC are so worried about all the viruses and they are sending millions of doses to other poor countries for free, why are they not vaccinating all the thousands of immigrants coming into the USA?. They want to mandate all Americans get the vaccine, but not the undocumented immigrants. What kind of logic is this?

  7. This is not just about the individual responsibility of vaccination. This is about the prioprioritisation of profit over public health. The CDC, local and federal governments are beholden to corporate interest and lifted restrictions way to early just to line the pockets of the 1% and now we are back to increasing cases and playing catch up with reinstating restrictions. #capitalismkills

  8. I'm not going to wear a mask now that I'm vaccinated.
    The unvaccinated who refused to wear masks when the Coronavirus started are just going to have to learn how to deal with catching COVID over and over and over again.

  9. Have you paid attention to Great Britain. Cases are falling like crazy like a rock, it’s going away there it’s already almost all over over there. Does anyone even look outside their own news to see what’s going on in the rest of the world anymore

  10. Why are they using ventilators? I thought it was more harmful.. has anyone had experience with using a ventilator after contracting COVID?

  11. Hey has everybody heard of the latest covid virus swinger coming on the pandemic dance floor about to do its debut???? It's called the LAMBDA varient!! Coming to a mass gathering near you!!!!

  12. Plenty may be just passing the same card around or bringing in bogus papers. They are flashing it and still going in. You cant rely upon this "checkpoint" process. The virus doesn't care if you want to play games and slip in and you know you haven't been vaccinated or have a valid negative covid test. PEOPLE PLAY GAMES, BUT COVID DOES NOT!!!

  13. Fear is the biggest tool the government uses to control the masses. Fear keeps people from living, everyday is due or die people. Numbers/words can/where/will be manipulated, and twisted.

  14. 74% of all "breakthrough" cases are from the vaxed.

    Those who have had the virus, five, "breakthrough cases."

    99.98% survival rate on the virus.

    With so many breakthrough cases among the vaxed, we have to ask;
    "How effective is the vax?"
    If it is effective, as we've been told, why the mask?

    If the vax is effective, why would the unvaxed pose a threat?

    The vax is supposed to provide immunity, so, of course, there is no threat from the unvaxed.

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