1. What's worst is that insurance companies refuse to pay for cat vandelism. My neighbor couldn't get state farm to pay for a smashed moon window and a filed complaint to the California State was useless.

  2. THANK GOODNESS I DON’T LIVE IN CALIFORNIKKKA!!!! the massive homelessness, feces all over the streets, smash & grabs in department stores; cars break in; massive TAXATION; utter failure of the liberal DamnoRATS politicians; Plastic Pelosi; Gavin Newscum; massive wasteful spending; etc….

  3. It's your own fault for leaving the windows rolled up. If these people would just have left the windows down and the keys in the vehicles they wouldn't be getting destroyed like this. 🙂

  4. “Don’t come here” – Kamala Harris People should just start putting garbage in their luggages …. Democratic run cities 🤡🤡🤡 and state 💩

  5. Paintball guns-$70 at Walmart!
    Maybe station armed off duty cops at drive exits with paint guns and radios to contact the cops out on patrol at malls to do the risky part.! Drastic times, drastic measures!
    Imagine video inside a suspects car with thieves whooping and hollering with $5 thou of merchandise then SPLAT!!
    BOLO: green ford 4 idiots inside just leaving Target..
    Desparate times, desparate Measures-again.
    Usually word travels quick with Twitter and cell phones!

  6. If you vote for politicians that decriminalise crime, this is what you'll get. Perhaps voters will think a little more carefully before electing radical socialists again … but then perhaps they won't wise up for another 4 years 😉

  7. It be nice they mess wrong person
    And that person have a gun shot them
    For breaking a car window ill bet those
    Low life be scare cop wouldn't do anything someone do something for that

  8. I don’t know what these people in the bay area are complaining about, personal property is just another racist construct of the
    white patriarchy, they should support the liberation of these goods.  Locking your car is yet another sign of your privilege,
    I say leave them unlocked with your wallet on the dash.  I live in Florida, we shoot the thieves when they
    break into our cars or homes.

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