Canadian Film Crew Robbed at Gunpoint at San Francisco's Twin Peaks

Police are investigating after a Canadian film crew were robbed at gunpoint at San Francisco’s Twin Peaks Friday evening, stealing valuable camera equipment and all of their footage. Thom Jensen reports.

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  1. Who else agrees that the police don’t do their work and this is why they don’t do it for one the whole town turned against him to everybody can’t stand him so why should the police waste your time now in predicaments like this we need our troops back we need them back quickly back in action we need to bring a military crew with these people and get them off or cities and towns put them behind bars for the rest of their life‘s those people have nothing to lose they don’t care Jesus Christ

  2. It’s wrong, but sometimes if SF is kicking natives outta SF because of price hikes….they do what they have to do to survive. People don’t understand.

  3. These thieves sure got a lot of privilege. It's like they know there are no consequences. Until the good people do something about it, politicians will keep ignoring.

  4. He wasn't assaulted and robbed. He was culturally enriched and was given free diversity training. I am sure they exchanged phone numbers, so he can meet them later to be their bottom bitch. Black Lives Matter !!!!

  5. Can’t the police enhance that video to zoom in on the license plate they took to grab the robbers? Vote these woke liberals out of office to lower crime. Once those robbers are found and caught I say give them a needle. Sure that may sound extreme but you should be robbing people in the first place. Pro tough on crime here.

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