Breaking News!! Drill Rappers 600Breezy & FYB J Mane Respond to Edai Being Shot & Killed!!

Chicago rappers FYB J Mane and 600Breezy respond to the news that Edai aka Edai 600 was shot and killed in Chicago early this morning. FYB J Mane made two videos talking about Edai and the Chicago rap scene, but some fans accuse him of trolling.

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  1. Same album not the same as same track. Durk was dissing on Duck too hard. Duck would be rolling in his grave if Rooga just let it all go. Duck himself made a tribute song dedicated to all fallen Chicago rappers and not a week later was back with the bullshit (Dead Bitches) bc opps couldn't stop dissing- they were making a mockery of his song. The body lists are way too long on all sides to let anything go- no rapper's peace efforts can fix this.

  2. Too much wars, too much beef , retaliation and vengeance already established all throughout chicago. shit would be hard af to pull a treaty nowadays cuz shit ain structured or coded the same nomo. some times shit be organized but half the time shit get reckless, then all that code and organization shit be out the window. one person die ,and the process for “peace” and “ stop the violence be over with. Can’t tell a bunch of people that loss a loved one or day one to just let shit go and keep the peace when all they know is the life they grew up with and into .

  3. Big mane u dumb as hell ENERGY is a ll around you your energy is what draws us to yo channel DONT EVER down play energy no more u may need consultation sir

  4. This is ain’t hip-hop, this is black people. If we are going to address this then we have to address it accurately. This is all black men.

  5. “N** talkin bout JoJo this and JoJo that, understand I’ll dig him up, re hit em up, and send em back”. -Edai. How that workin for you now BD? 😂 He got what he asked for

  6. The Music is telling kids to kill, and so they kill smh! 90s was about getting money… we gotta get back to talking money and Love!

  7. Fy bmane is super disrespectful and even has a song that’s goes “ fuck yo homie he’s dead “ he was just dissing K von . He isn’t sincere lol

  8. You can’t stop the violence with just words. You need action a plan unity

    Him saying that mean nothing until you have people on all sides sitting down and coming together.

    I mean cuz it’s gonna keep happening

  9. Ever since the death of duck then Von, they have been talking peace talks. Durk is in a position of bringing the communities together. Even big Durk could have a hand in positively shaping the youngins. If he drop the ops and killings (after quando and tim tho) he could bring some of them youngins in to have a chance at life and build a career. Pay it forward Durkio. You bring up one then they bring up one, two. If you can get durk and rooga on the same team then yall could do anything….ijs

  10. u dont believe in the supernatural. only what u can see in front of u?? lol i see u havent been thru nothing to wake u up yet that will make u realize the most high and this supernatural world is VERY REAL. Never had nothing u cant see whisper your name in your ear while laying on u feeing like a sumo wrestler and breathing in your ear sounding like a monster? That wont go away nor let u move till u call on the most high god to make it go away…never been thru nothing like that yet??? Your wake up call is def coming too. just hopefully it wont be too late and when the end comes and the most high reveals himself fully.

  11. which i was just finna say..these cats thinking they untouchable till someone close to em they think untouchable get which evil brother next to him comes next.

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