1. Poor Zion is stuck playing for a team last name called the Pelicans smdh when his contract over the Knicks will get there man. Good luck Lonzo!

  2. I think that the Bulls can be a 7th or 8th seed fa sho. On paper they should make the playoffs. Longest everyone stays healthy.

  3. The Bulls are pissing me off, instead of going after stars like Kawhi and Dame they pull this. Bulls are not going anywhere with Lonzo, first round exit at best.

  4. What??? For what, cause Jordan got the other two. Life long Bulls fan here so why would you draft a guard with no first round picks. Nothing against Ball but why?? Been watching since the Sprits of the ABA and tape delayed. So you drafted the guard from NC, now the one from Illinois now Ball. Smmh

  5. In my opinion ticket TV the bulls need to keep Lori marketing and the bulls are step away they're making the playoffs I think they will this The next step we'll find out

  6. Good for Lonzo. I felt early on, the critics wanted him to be a star overnight instead of allowing him to grow & work on his game. They all put Ben Simmons on a pedestal; now look how the narrative has changed.

  7. Damn that’s a good move for Lonzo I think one day he’ll average around 20 7 & 7-10 now that his shot got corrected a bit .. now he just got to get more killer in him and he could be a star

  8. I think the Bulls are overpaying $80 millions for Lonzo. This is his third team in four years. You don't pay $80 million to a journeyman.

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