Brazen shoplifting video in San Francisco becomes issue in California recall

The latest video of retail crime at a San Francisco drug store coincides with an appearance of a Republican candidate for governor in the city for a press event where he knocked Gov. Newsom for being soft on crime.

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  2. Everything is so expensive in California. I can see why people steal. Nonetheless, the more people steal, the more companies increase their prices which makes hard- working people struggle even more. The law favors the criminals. We have become a third world country.

  3. The way to stop it is put unbreakable glass on the doors and windows and have a button that locks the doors which will trap them inside. Yeah that would probably be expensive to implement.

  4. give them lead , wtf ???? Stupid legislators : $ 900 or less is not a crime ? direct them to the legislators homes to do their looting there. Is this the way we want our children to be educated ? : " hey listen kids : make sure you'll take your calculator with you before stilling ANYTHING , remember $ 899.00 its ok , beyond that you'll get in trouble " , remember stilling is not good …. but $ 899.00 it's ok , go on have fun and be safe.

  5. One way to stop this is to explain to the tax happy Democrats who won't prosecute these thieves how much tax revenue that it will ultimately cost them. Sales tax from the businesses, income tax from the labor in the stores that will ultimately close, and the devaluation of property. The decline will ultimately have a severe effect on the quality of life that a lot of areas will never recover from.


    Liberals: "YESHHHHHHH"

    Stores: "Well time to pack up and leave to a red state, these blue hell-hole districts run by Democrats don't care about this"


    Liberals: "Oh man… why am I getting robbed? Im on your side?"


  7. The items stolen from these stores are worth more than the scrubs who stole them. Shoot to kill so others won't follow suit!

  8. Since their modus operandi clearly shows specific intent of conspiracy to steal they can all be charged with burglary. Let's not forget all those fine people who stormed the Capitol building. In addition, blaming the Governor for this disaffected pathology and increase in crime given recent events is unconscionable.

  9. I have no sympathy for San Francisco businesses or citizens who voted for all these liberal laws that set criminals free and supported defunding the police!
    this is what you get you asked for it enjoy it!

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