1. Grant Cohn – pls stop it already. Hot takes are your specialty. Day 5 into camp and you are making judgements based on your transparent bias.

  2. Grant cohn you are literally the worst team writer i have ever seem your break downs and input on the team and players is laughable and with know actually football precedent whatsoever i dont know how you have a job

  3. Jimmy’s horrible footwork is the reason he never became the stud QB we thought he would. He’ll always be on the same level as Jared Goff

  4. So wait Jimmy gets picked by the arguably best defense in the league and the best linebacker in the league and he’s shit but Trey gets picked by a Undrafted linebacker and he’s the best QB on the team? Got it.

  5. you would think jimmy would be great in the red zone since it’s mostly short throws that just proves he sucks 😂

  6. Dude. Turn down the vitriol. Its hurting your credibility. We get that you want Lance to start. It aint gonna happen, no matter how much you whine about it. You're beginning to sound like Tucker Carlson.

  7. i don't see how you can bash Jimmy's arm strength on deep throws considering his most infamous missed deep throw in you know which game was an overthrow… if you want to sound reasonable and logical, bash his accuracy.

  8. "but lacks the arm strength" this is the type of bullshit you have to filter through when listening to grant
    I bet the pass was within 50 yard and jimmy can throw well over that , but leave it to grant to spew little jabs into every statement

  9. Its redzone, field is more crowded & you try to throw in tight windows. As for the corner route, idk what grant calls open but if you throw a corner route you have to anticipate it bein open & if it wasnt the 1st or 2nd read then i understand why they missed it.

  10. Best to get the interceptions out of the way and further improve the release down the field through film and coaches recommendations

  11. did u see what k Bourne said today….he said the Patriots work harder in camp then the 49ers and he's happy he's a patriot lol

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