Bay Area Exodus: Report Lists Where San Franciscans Are Going

Using data from cell phones as well as change-of-address forms, researchers have determined that between 1.5 and 3% of San Francisco’s population left the city for surrounding counties or other states over the past year, according to a report. Cierra Johnson reports.

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  1. Why is there so many blacks in the news when latinos and asian have bigger communities than blacks we want equal representation not just blacks and whites specially in the growing latino population.

  2. I am moving to Denver CO with my boyfriend <3
    The Bay Area is expensive(rent,food,gas literally everything) too much blm, criminals homelessness and just weird ppl. And it’s lame here. Trash, poop 💩

  3. only 3% left? 😂🤣😂🤣 i'm part of the 3%, wait how about those that dont libe in the city? people love the traffic for some reason?

  4. If anyone deserves to be on a watch list, its these democrat morons who voted in this chaos, now are running away from it. They need to be tracked so they dont bring their failed mentality to stable cities and towns.

  5. Idiots made their bed. They need to sleep in it.
    How DARE you create this mess, only to take your leftist dysfunction to a new location, and to destroy that location, also.

    You people are so dense as to not realize that SF was destroyed because of your ideologies and the clowns you voted into office.

    Don't move to a red state unless you intend on voting red.

    You people are a plauge on this nation

  6. Watching to see how someone I know is getting along. It’s funny that Californians are just moving within the state, co, organ, both blue

  7. Don’t leave. Enjoy what you created by voting democrat politicians into power. High crime, large amounts of homeless, and high taxes. The democrat utopia.

  8. Biggest problem that California residents moving to Republicans states and keep vote for Democrats…

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