BAD NEWS FOR LIGHTFOOT: Poll shows Chicago mayor facing re-election trouble

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot appears to be gearing up to run for re-election, but a new voter opinion survey indicates it won’t be easy.

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  1. She is one that LOOKS AS EVIL AS HER EVIL DARK HEART IS.. Why?? Isn't she arrested already..Her HATE SPEACH Should NOT be tolerated.. Hold HER Accountable for her EVIL ACTIONS!!!PRAY, GOD PLEASE Take these VILE evil ones from OUR GOV'T..PLEASE LORD GOD…🙏🙏🙏🤟😔

  2. That’s good news for the City. If you re-elect the mayor I will never visit again. The CME can visit my office.

  3. Lightfoot is doing exactly what George Soros wants she is running Chicago in the ground as if it was the city of Pretoria!!!!!

  4. She'll win, a certain group votes strictly by skin color (check New Orleans, Mayor Ray Nagin) even if its not in their own self interest.

  5. Hopefully she drops out of reelection. She's horrible! Politics is not her thing. Maybe she should be a restaurant manager.

  6. The 28% Unsure is what kills me…
    Can there really be that many people in Chicago in a coma?

  7. Lets see, how many affirmative action boxes can she check off? Black? Check. Woman? Check. Did someone say lesbian? Check. Democrat? Check. She's not going anywhere.

  8. Wow i didnt realize how dumb majority of Chicago is. They deserve everything this "woman" does to them

  9. If she wins the election was fixed and she cheated No one wants to be forced to take a untested vaccine

  10. Lori an Oprah love the new book by Hunter Bieden labtop from hell on sale at barns an Noble

  11. Voting for people based on assumptions has gotten us in this mess locally and nationally. We need humble servants for the people not these ego maniacs who are manipulating emotions, health and the economy. Sadly enough 😪 this is where this country stands. Haves against haves nots. Wake up citizens before it is impossible. We have children watching. They do what they see not so much as what you say. They deserve better much better.

  12. She will use the black and lesbian victim card rhetoric to save her ass from the backlash she deserves.. ..and the worst thing, white liberals and celebrities will buy that rhetoric like their life depends on it.

  13. 0:32. Let's be honest: 28% unsure what a mayor is. Only a truly stupid population would ever elect this troll in the first place.

  14. Who would’ve thought that replacing a sexist monster with a sexist monster would be disappointing? …Oh yeah, leftists.

  15. To my democrat voters and Republicans voters please please for the love of god .let's learn to love each other .stop listening to the right or left GOVERMENT party's .GOD GAVE US A BRAIN STOP LISTENING TO FAKE NEWS MEDIA .THIS IS AN AGENDA TO DESTROY AMERICA AND US. PLEASE DO THIS FOR YOUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE. STOP LISTENING TO THESE DEVILS 😈

  16. I would rather see another Democrat running Chicago. They need Cory Booker. I may not agree with many of his policies, but I do respect the guy.

  17. If they re-elect her they should have to give up all news coverage. I’m sick of hearing about Chicago now.

  18. Meanwhile on Chicago Streets it's a war zone thanks to Lori Lightfoot congratulations Lori Lightfoot you just joined that Joe Biden Brandon Club wake up people in Chicago you can take back your city but you have to have the law enforcement and the criminal justice system backing you and get-tough-on-crime

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