Asian man hospitalized after brutal attack in New York City

An Asian man was pushed to ground and stomped on repeatedly on Friday night in the East Harlem neighborhood in New York City. He was taken to the hospital where he is in critical, but stable condition. CBS New York’s Christina Fan has more.

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  1. I’m surprised and disappointed because black people who are complaining about racism mostly the one who attacked Chinese people or Asian that’s weird ☹️

  2. BLM can't say a damn thing against this when it's black people attacking these asians. the left is going to have a lot of trouble with this as stop asian hate conflicts with BLM. the narrative is broken when your victim group is victimizing everyone else.

  3. He said the Asian guy robbed him first & beaten him up LOL! You're an idiot if you believe his bs! He can not proof anything & he knows it he trying to get black people to believe his bs story!

  4. I was in Safeway a few weeks ago with my mom and a guy took off his mask and coughed on us. Physically, he didn’t harm us but I was 13 and plus I’m Vietnamese. Chinese are mainly being targeted but these xenophobes think all asians are the same.

  5. If Americans attack more Asians, they will lose half the world's population, cheap labor, the world's largest market, many allies, many resources, and the United States will regret the moment all Asian countries support China.Sooner or later, the age of Asia will begin.Asia has resources, manpower, technology, and a large territory, so I hope it doesn't turn Asia against enemies.Don't attack any more Asians.Asians take this situation very seriously.

  6. The media spent more time discussing the characteristics and race of the attackers in the fake the Jussie Smollett incident than they do with actual incidents with video proof

  7. Ironic while old men working picking cans for a extra income while this suspect probably lazy guy on welfare or food stamps

  8. Criminals simply see Asians as easy targets, they don't care about your education outreach.
    Everyone knows violence is wrong. More educating won't fix this. You need more police, cameras, and carry pepper-spray at a minimal.

  9. History told us about who is the only Native People. So everyone who come to This promise land should live side by side. Racist is a social disease through people heart. Weak people might be infected like a pandemic and health people could stay away from it.

  10. Sooo…. when China attacked and kicked all of those black people out when COVID started it wasn’t considered a “hate crime” 🤔….that’s crazy

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