1. Looks like going light on crime and those tuff gun laws in Chicago are paying off!!! What a great city 🤣

  2. "The mission of the juvenile justice system is VERY different from adult prisons. Rehabilitation is the goal, not punishment." -Bruhhh. Thats EXACTLY what we've been told about adult prisons for the last couple decades at least😒What a scam.

  3. So the 1800 carjackings last year and 2021 in Chicago that is roughly every 4.8 hours someone is carjacked in your horrible City

  4. cant wait till those kids try car jacking me , give them the beating their parents didnt give them

  5. Love seeing that Northeastern University researcher tell us how Chicago kids are going to act when they get released, as if they're all going home to loving families with strict morals. Get your head out of the spreadsheets and take a field trip

  6. Tipical media W G NOT !!
    KIDS ?.but can't say BLK THUGS !!! ago hard , illiterate media ..cowards !

  7. Single moms on welfare ? Maybe this is the problems . No father in picture anywhere for decades .

  8. Maybe if the price of cars weren't so danm high people wouldn't be able to make so much profit on them

  9. Why should they be afraid of rehabilitation? You've been telling them for years, you have no intention of punishing them. Why should they stop, care, or be deterred then?

  10. It's well past time to cap welfare benefits per household instead of rewarding moms who keep spitting out kids they can't afford.

  11. Build more prisons. Some just for kids with a rehabilitation theme, and stop this idiotic policy of not prosecuting gun crimes.
    Think about it, someone threatens your life with a loaded gun and is released with probation. If he is sentenced to a year in
    a federal prison with thoughtful programs of rehabilitation it’s possible that a good portion of them can be saved, but they
    have to be separated from older hardened criminals.

  12. "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to
    walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about
    robbery. Then (I) look around and see someone white and feel relieved." "Jesse Jackson"!

  13. If they was in California they would of got 3,000 years for that car jacking Chicago need to make they law strict like California you getting a million years in California for anything

  14. Simple answer :
    When carjacking starts ?
    Guns also start firing, only solution to end this, fight back.

  15. This Liberal administration has proven itself to be inept, uncapable, and unreliable to do the correct thing for the citizens of our country. They have been self promoting, and self enriching of themselves, and to their elite policial cronies. The administration has been divisive, and polarizing , to further their support, by promoting division amongst political lines and racial lines. They have neglected our southern border, and have actively supported ilegal immigrants, and infiltraters, to enter our country ilegally and unchecked, for possible crime records, and health status, given the current pandemic situation. While millions if not billions of tax payers dollars are going to very questional entities, and left wing political sources, Americans businesses are going bankrupt, and families are struggling to make ends meet. Fuel prices have skyrocketed, along with food prices, and everything else, since this administration took office. This administration has targeted police and our very democracy. We have democratic mayors who have supported defunding of our police, while using thousands of tax payers dollars for their private security. Our inner cities have become lawless and violent and unsafe for city dwellers, while the political elite turn their heads away from their plight. This administration has used race, sex, and prejudice to distract the people from seeing what is really going on in office. This has never been about any of the above mentioned evils, but simply and only about their political power and socialist agenda. …

  16. is it the kid's fault for the parents ??????
    edit: well yah kids get less years should just put these kids in the army cause their parents aren't teaching them

  17. Give the kids jobs they have all the free time in the world to commit these crimes. Chicago that's a shame.

  18. "I'm selling my house"
    Good luck after people see you on camera saying you are selling it because of a kid car jacking you with a gun.

  19. I living in USA for last 9 years . i saw people's don't rised their child from childhood . we should look after that so seriously

  20. How is that "defund the police" working out for you???

    Chicago needs to allow their citizenry to defend themselves equally……..otherwise they are truly a fish in a barrel. Should a 13yr old be shot/killed for a carjacking…….NOPE……but in a split second that carjacking can go to a homicide. Not to mention age alone doesn't mean a thing…….I have seen quite a few 13yr old enemy soldiers in years past.

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