1. greatest country in the world, they say…

    Non Stop Stab bing, Random Shoo ting, Mass Shoo ting, School Shoo ting, Road Rage Shoo ting, Smash and Grab Looting, Homelessness, Carjacking, they've got it all…

  2. Recored number of mass shooting under crazy joe

    Thanks for voting for crazy joe all because he is not Trump

  3. People are acting like this is brand new because Elgin is a suburb of Chicago. Elgin has BEEN seeing this type of violence since the 90's. This isn't new at all lol.

  4. What color were they? Please provide descriptions so law-abiding citizens can make informed decisions.

  5. Invitation to party was to bring food, BYOB, a skank of your choice and weapons & ammo. God, I love it now that Chicago is crime free & safe.

  6. Sounds like those 2 Maga supporters what violated juicy smollet , they should do chemical tests for bleach residue

  7. Judy Wang looks like she doesn't wash her face in the mornings 😂😭🤣
    She get up, put on makeup and slide right into the WGN Van 😩😂👏🏻

  8. A typical Lease Agreement clearly states, no parties to be held in dwelling. If only people could respect that when living in apartment complexes, maybe this type of carnage can be avoided.

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