5 cases of omicron COVID-19 variant detected in New York

At least five cases of the COVID-19 omicron variant were reported in New York, just hours after the Minnesota Department of Health announced a case in a resident with a recent travel history to New York City.

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced the confirmed cases during a joint press conference with Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday evening.

All of the cases are said to be mild and everyone recovered at home.



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  1. This makes no sense whatsoever. Are the vaccines actually spreading the virus? It seems like it. New York is one of the most vaccinated States and it seems not to be working.


  3. I really don't think the politicians and media don't want the news thay Omicron is less serious spreading. It's time to end this BS.

  4. Practically speaking. No one on Earth has any immunity to this variant called omicron v. It is a novel virus that shows 50 changes in the appearance or smell. The body can fight but even fully vaccinated are showing symptoms. It also spreads twice as quickly in a community. It replaced Delta in South Africa by now Dec. 11. At over 90% new cases are omicron in 4 weeks rime. Under 10% of the Beta v. and Delta v. are genomic sequenced at this point. 2 weeks to Christmas. Close the schools early. Kids will love it.

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  7. Got it last month in nyc now two others have it . It spreads fast, but this is my third covid infection with natural immunity it was less harsh, third time I know it was new variant because I had cold symptoms with muscle knots all over my body .. not fun. They really trying to kill us lol or at least make us suffer

  8. It's not a coincidence this covid variant happened at the start of Christmas shopping season. These ruthless corporate ba$t@6¿$ are destroying retail shopping as well as recreational travel so you buy everything through the internet. Next variant due right before the Easter rush. O

  9. AHH HAHAHA four individuals were treated and diagnosed, but she is clueless whether any were vaccinated …how incompetent are you!

  10. Noone talks about covering d at the border..no one rushing in to secure them or do any measures…but a few in New York and they go crazy…what is going on????

  11. If Omicron is causing mild disease, so far NOBODY has died from it, wouldn't it be better for everyone to be exposed to it, get it, and then everyone will have antibodies from it? Maybe Omicron is going to end the pandemic.

  12. In a sum: More vaccine mandates to come, more lockdowns and more oppression ….. 😷😷😷😷

  13. 😆💨😆🃏
    Liars. I live in NY and ur full of shhhh
    How is USA less then 5% of the world's population but most si_k people are from here…..
    Is someone messing the numbers up orrrr….?🃏

  14. Five cases???????/ So what!!! This latest variant comes with " mild " symptoms not near severe to require hospitalization or death. The premise behind the vaccine is to lessen the degree of symptoms to prevent hospitalization….period.

  15. And how did it get here when only fully vaccinated can travel by air anywhere? How it can be anywhere if vaccine works? 🤔

  16. Thanks, Republicans!
    Your anti-science lunacy will be remembered at the polls.
    What a party of dullards.

  17. NY, get rid of this trash. Under the guise of protecting you they are destroying your rights! Puppets for the NWO.

  18. they want the children. Pull your children out of the schools, and home school. doesn't it seem they want to teach children more about sharing bathrooms then real education.

  19. I Kno the people who make mask are saying cha ching these fools believe anything this is what the government is saying bout people who is falling for this

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