2nd child in wheelchair asked to leave downtown Chicago fountain | ABC7 Chicago

Marketta Outlaw said her 11-year-old daughter, who uses a wheelchair, was asked to leave Crown Fountain in Chicago’s Millennium Park. Full story:


  1. Just give them a cbd treat and sprinkle them with the hose in the backyard as they roll around tryna bite their elbows.

  2. The park security staff showed some truly disgraceful and humiliating behavior. Apparently brains are no longer needed for their job.

  3. I wish a Mother FCKR would tell me my wheelchair ♿️ child can’t be on water park… MAKE ME MOVE FROM A PUBLIC PLACE YOU SAD PATHETIC RENT A MALL COP …

  4. Last year, Democrats stopped all handicapped people from having weddings or going to work or going to church or the movies. They were told they weren't "essential workers".

  5. I think the security guard has little man syndrome. If I had been the security, I would have just ignored it while keeping an eye on her just in case she needed assistance. Good gravy, some people!

  6. Boy had an electric powered chair,girl just a mechanical manual chair.
    Guard made correct call until policy is updated to just limit power chair access..
    Electronics go haywire when wet, causing the chair to take off in ever changing directions.
    Scrolled about 30 comments but not 1 person thought beyond the" first level".
    Not 1 "Why Question" was ask.Nothing but uninformed reactions.
    Always ask "Why the incident happen" Then come up with 3 different truthful answers.

  7. Although, it’s sad I think it’s for everyone’s safety. Aren’t most wheelchairs electronically ran? Water and electronics don’t mix.

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