2 Teens Chased Down, Killed in NYC Shootings | NBC New York

Two teenagers were killed in separate shootings in the Bronx. Erica Byfield reports.


More: Facing rising fears of summer violence, President Joe Biden is embarking on a political high-wire act, trying to balance his strong backing for law enforcement with the police reform movement championed by many of his supporters.

His focus Monday was on crime.

Biden met at the White House with Democratic urban leaders — including Eric Adams, the heavy favorite to be the next mayor of New York City — about increased shootings, as they warily watch a surge across the nation. Though limited to what can be done at the federal level, Biden promised to support efforts on the ground to combat crime.


  1. They dead because the parents Failed this what happens when you don't beat they ass when they young or no Father in the home unfortunately sad but more than likely he was out in the streets parents always say my baby ain't did nothing you don't know what your child doing in the streets ain't nobody chasing him down for nothing if that was the case the shooter could've chased anybody down he didn't randomly pick her son it's sad our youth not growing up but the blame is at home that's where it start they said he played baseball but they also said a rapper what's the most popular rap Today Drill music and he ain't rapping about hitting home runs that's NYC rough and tough dangerous in the inner cities I'm from Chicago so I know about growing up in rough poverish areas but the parents need too be more involved what your child know what they doing when they leave your home or it maybe the last time they walk out the door. Where is the Father at these children today need two parents because a father can discipline and raise them and show them ain't nothing in them streets but a dead end young man had a life too look forward to senseless killings 9/10 he was killed by his own people the cycle continues smh and for people with young children I'm going too tell you the truth We lie too our parents imma tell you what you want too hear as a child not all children but the majority we born to rebel if not trained or educated from youth imma say I'm going to play videos games but I'm really in the streets when they come 🏠 just as innocent but they just did some grown man evil shit make your children gain your trust you can't trust a child out the gate you have too teach train them from right from wrong held you can't really trust adults so you know a child has too build gain trust from a parent it's too much going on outside this ain't the 70,80,90s when you could be outside as a child not today covid and bullets weirdos shooting homeless people yes this is Hell on Earth. We all have did something in our youth our parents or parent wouldn't approve of let's keep it 💯 then you got some parents they don't give uh damn what they child do so they run too the streets for fake love or temporary attention. Sad 😢 this everyday it's become the Norm today in America aka Babylon Death wreaks in America

  2. Both are gang related jayran Elliot was a known crip he was present at a shooting of a 19 year old days prior. And Ramon Gilmandrano is the suspected killer of jayran. He is also a known yg blood member who was shot before.

  3. This is what happens when you do the wrong dance, wearing the wrong color, rocking the wrong shoes, spinning the wrong block, listening to the wrong drill rapper, kicking over the wrong memorial candles. If there was ever a reason to kill someone I would say those are top tier. Good culture.

  4. This agenda is hilarious. All these kids were gang members. They were killing other kids in real life. Their stories is freely available on YouTube. Search "Rah Gzz" and watch his story. After that you'll never look at the news the same again. you're welcome. stay woke

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