2 suspects arrested in fatal shooting of Bradley police officer | ABC7 Chicago

Xandria Harris, a suspect in the fatal shooting of a Bradley police sergeant, surrendered to Bradley police Friday afternoon. Another suspect was taken into custody in Indiana Friday morning. Full story:


  1. Who shot who? Why is she being arrested? Who is being charged with the crime? Did she shot them or did he? So your saying she got charged for being in the hotel? What is the story? Horrible reporting!!!

  2. She could of just been a passenger she can’t stop a man wit a gun just wit her being in the car makes her apart of it so stop saying bad shii about her wen all the facts ain’t out yet clowns

  3. Will the democrats address gun control over this and similar gun crimes that happen everyday in the hood, or do they just wait for once in a while when there is a White kid that commits a public shooting?

  4. Pelosi, Schumer, Nader, et al, should be charged in every murdered cop's case as accomplices. The idea that cops can be justifiably murdered without consequence was established by the lawlessness they fostered and supported during the riots used to get Trump out. Worthless people, deserving of a long walk and a short drop.

  5. Shes a mother of 3 and pregnant!! Who cares, let her have her baby in jail. Now these kids wont have parents and the cycle of life continues. What next a graduation picture of Darius!!!!!

  6. Not surprised that the comments down below are from racist thugs who can't stand the fact that one of their own got popped when she pathetically begged for her life 😂. Tell me bootlickers so you give the same treatment when one of your own is killed like Richard Lee Richards? Or do you just sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist like Oxford?

  7. don't try and humanise these vermin. Who cares this vermin has created offspring to further infest our world. She lost her humanity the moment she decided the lives of others were less important than her facing her own personal accountability.

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