2 Injured After Car Crashes Into San Francisco Outdoor Dining Parklet

Two people were injured Monday after a driver crashed into an outdoor dining parklet in San Francisco’s North Beach, prompting questions about safety of the areas that have become popular during the pandemic. Betty Yu reports. (4/21/21)


  1. I support Breed making outdoor dining/parklets apart of the city itself. Hopefully it'll create car-free street-zones and make the city alive again.

  2. I live in queens. Just a week ago my gf sat down and pissed by the wall of those things. past 10 pm at night people were still on street but would took a few mins to walk pass near us. The does sweats a lot but not to the point of sweating it all out. Can’t blame her, the girl had Gatorade and Mountain Dew.

  3. People think just because they sit and eat outside they are gonna be safe from covid. Well thats not true.
    Not just covid but so much bacteria will get into your food if you are sitting outside or a car will come flying at you.

  4. Why dine in the street where cars drive? Its not healthy inhaling the poor air, smog, dusts and chance getting hit 🚗, causing traffic issues. Get food delivery and dine in the park if you need to spend and go outside.

  5. They need to take peoples cars away, reduce the curfew to 5 PM, triple mask up, no gathering ever mandatory eating with your left hand only….only….and no farting outdoors..Yeah..thats the ticket~!!!

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