1. Haaaaaa thank u god yesterday cop were talking shyt 2me n I'm n a wheelchair n i pray to God to shoot em n god answer my prayers God is real

  2. That’s a spot that I used to frequent heavily…can’t say that I’m surprised. What’s crazy is that the police station is literally right down the street.

  3. You THUG P.O.S running your D*sucker ,about Police officers. You can relate to THUGS bet you get a CHECK, FOOD STAMPS rent based on public housing. You will never be but what you are TBUGS ,and you might find yo THUG A*S on the other end of a barrel and who cares ,the world would be a OUNCE LIGHTER.

  4. I read everyday "oh I pray for my city" empty bs prayers. ACTION is needed. This extreme liberalism has buried 1000's of innocent people. And destroyed families. The problem with Chicago is NOBODY stays in jail. No matter the crime IF they are caught they let them right back out. Pray for the judges and voters to STOP being so damn stupid. Only then will this shit slow down.

  5. See, they think ppl forgot…Ecclesiastes 3 :: NIV. a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.

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