16 year old girl killed, 45 year old woman injured by gunshots in Bayview

KTVU’s Emma Goss reports.

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  1. Killers in gang related shootings do not turn themselves in. There are people in that girl's family who openly claim gang membership on social media, so the shooters will be lucky to get captured by the police before the streets get them first. Keep your family safe out there if you're operating. You need to keep your family safe from your enemies💯

  2. politician SF : GUN CONTROL its solution for MASS SHOOTING !!
    But California has strict GUN CONTROL!
    It's not just a Gun Control issue, it's mental health, poverty, hate and much more.

  3. Ever since Joe took office everywhere you look there are shootings and death, looks like their soft stance on crime is working just great! At least let the police arrest someone so Kamala has someone to start a bail fund for. You know who we didnt have a bunch of shootings under? That's right TRUMP!

  4. Thomas Sowell said it best, simply just start putting these thugs in prison, stop releasing them too early, stop caring about them because these thugs do not care about the people in their communities or in society as a whole. The crazy part is when the thugs are the ones getting retribution for their actions, I see too many liberals protesting and holding BLM signs. I would not be protesting and holding up those signs because this is the kind of actions of suffering they place on everyone, having these thug killers die off by the cops is better then losing our future generations. People really need to think about about what is going on living in major cities its going to get worse the crime, the release of criminals under Newsome. We don't need non profits acting like they care, we don't need social workers, we need laws, we need the police to step in and put these demonic people away for good.

  5. Murderers running free, human feces on the sidewalk, mobs of shoplifters stealing with impunity, and Democrats in charge. Apparently you no longer need to die in order to go to hell.

  6. Does the city deserves what they voted for? I am not move at all when people are so ignorant. The news media is also to blame for all these violence. They are no more the watchdog but an attack dog of the government.

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