10 shot in brazen 'coordinated attack' in Queens

An extensive crime scene remained in Queens Sunday morning at the site where 10 people were shot hours earlier on Saturday night.

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  1. Guess what? They're no in Queens. There's in Virginia, Baltimore, DC, Connecticut, etc. They're not a home eating turkey and gravy waiting for a knock at the door.

  2. Liberal city's like New York and California are like Gotham with out a Batman because democrat have got rid of Batman!

  3. Stop with the thanks Democrats, if your gonna carry a gun illegally your gonna do that, the strictest laws in the land won't stop that

  4. We just had an extensive study saying Stop & Frisk stopped a majority amount of innocent people and was unconstitutional. That there are politicians still pushing this is infuriating. What's worse, the people listening to that won't research the data, they'll just react emotionally to disinformation.

    The US is on a rapid decline because there are no serious leaders and the citizenry keeps them in power.

  5. It’s too late u r dummy corrupt politicians including de zoo mayor. These hyenas r on loose just keep feeding them with unemployment money and SBA and pp loan cause they r minority. Thank to G-d Adam be in charge soon and would destroy these thugs hyenas

  6. Shooting with illegal weapons (I know that because strongest anti gun laws in US), gang activity, crime in Queens? Tell me it isn't so.

  7. Sorry but if we are allowed to say whatever we want, we should be aloud to carry something to protect ourselves from those who don't like what we say. And vis versa.

  8. Maybe if NY was a open Cary state things would be different. It's not a open Cary state and only the criminal have gun's.humm

  9. Stronger gun laws will fix this. Take the guns away from law abiding citizens and all will be good. Stupid New Yorkers. Feel the burn of your ridiculous laws…wake up to reality.

  10. our government is holding back the American Rescuse Fund instead of using it to help the qualified PUA people backdate their claims after they already found a new part-time or full-time job..
    I feel for those people. Suicide excluding OverDose takes more lives than Murderers, so when someone wants to take their own life why not take a couple with you before you go. It only makes sense. THe government needs to be more JuST to help create a better society for us all.

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