1. Does anyone else get frustrated watching these videos? Surely I'm not the only one that feels overwhelmed at the idea of possibly getting your life taken away, all your memories, all the knowledge you attained, the things you planned in the future for example.. to be taken from you because some assholes decided to start shooting for no reason?

  2. And you have defunded the police under Democrats in office, way to go Dems. It’s the wild Wild West in the boroughs because criminals have nothing to fear under Dems in office.

  3. New York is becoming Gotham City. Since when and what was the problem? Former President Trump? Deep-seated white supremacism? Racism? covid 19? Perhaps all of these factors worked in a complex way, and I think the beginning was the Trump administration. Now, it is hurting so many Asians that it is hard to turn back, and hate incidents against Asians appear on the news several times a day. What is New York doing, even when the situation is getting worse, not taking any action or is it just sitting around? Will New York, as we know it, become a crime-fighting city?

  4. more will happen… USA solution – sell more guns to protect yourself… this is the most stupid fundamental rights … NRA is the happiest one of all.. the death means nothing to them as long as they got the $$$$$$

  5. So called gun laws don't exist because whatever weak a** crap that's on the books aren't enforced. Can't go anywhere: Theater's, Restaurants,
    Malls, Grocery stores, Churches…
    merely walking down a street. Just never know when some idiotic uncaring coward with a gun is going to open up.

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