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  1. Can you solo these patrols?…I would really like it if someone would put out a basic beginners guide by playing through a brand new character. I've seen all the how to guides but a general basic guide without all the extra technical stuff would help. Maybe just a basic playthrough to see how a veteran plays on a brand new character. I'm brand new to the game and only started playing because I happened to run across one of your videos. I've thought about playing for years but now I'm actually trying it. Not many options for a good space mmo on console and this is free.

  2. Technically the Parliament was in the Infiniti lockbox, but that's not far off from being in a promo lockbox.

    And yes a lot of players loved visuals of the ship / Space Barbie but we're disappointed with its stats. Especially the lack of being able to slot a Lieutenant Commander Tactical ability like Beam Overload III. Hopefully cryptic has learned their lesson.

    Most likely the California class is going to be in its own Lower Decks lockbox and I would say that still better than being in a promo box. At least it'll be a lot of stuff from the show coming into the game with a new unique box; and yes hopefully it'll have better stats than the Parliament and cryptic has learn their lesson or it maybe a hard sell for many.

  3. On Maine Coons:
    The internet is evil and lies. They only reach under 1m in length and those are top end beef cakes. The internet makes them look like lynx sized creature. They are not. It would be super cool if they were though… Poor furniture either way.

  4. the new bridge you were speculating about at around 40 minutes is the new starter bridge in the remastered 2409 tutorial which they confirmed at Mission Chicago

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